EMU Black VW 1.8T BAM


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ADU (Advanced Display Unit) 5 Inch
ADU (Advanced Display Unit) 5 Inch
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EMU Black VW 1.8T BAM


EMU Black VW 1.8T BAM

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    Deze EMU Black is Plug en Play voor de EMU Black VW 1.8T BAM .
    Voorzien van een basemap, en is vooraf geprogammeerd voor deze motor.

    ECUMASTER Black Plug-in ECU voor de Volkswagen/Audi 1.8T BAM, ARX, ARY, AUM, AUQ motorcode maakt plug and play installatie mogelijk.

    Wat zit er in de doos

    Volkswagen/Audi 1.8T BAM, ARX, ARY, AUM, AUQ EMU Black plug-in ECU
    3 bar MAP-sensor met connector en klemmen
    Hulpconnector met stekker en klemmen
    Opmerking: er waren in de loop der jaren veel verschillende 1.8T-motorcodes beschikbaar, we kunnen de functionaliteit van motorcodes die niet in de lijst staan ​​niet bevestigen. 
    -6pc injectors outputs (5A)
    -6pcs AUX outputs (6A)
    -6pc Ignition outputs - for passive or active coils, configurable (15A)
    -4pc stepper motor outputs - bipolar / unipolar (6.5A)
    -1 CAN-BUS channel (CAN 2.0B)
    -1 serial output
    -2 EGT inputs
    -2 pcs knock sensor inputs < br /> -1 built-in broadband lambda controller for Bosch LSU 4.2 or 4.9 sensor.
    -1 Flexfuel input
    -Built-in map sensor 400kPa
    -Built-in bar sensor
    -4pcs digital trigger inputs for VR / HALL sensors - (1st crank position sensor, 2 cam position sensors, 1 speed sensor)
    -Support for VANOS, VVTi and other variable cam systems (controls up to 2 individual cams)
    -Advanced setting for "paddle shift" and "gear cut"
    -3 dedicated analog inputs for TPS , CLT, IAT
    -Built-in "Drive By Wire" support, for dampers.
    -6 analog inputs (0-5V) for eg oil pressure, fuel pressure, oil temp etc.
    -3 specific switches for e.g. launch control, flat shift etc.
    -Waterproof and dustproof IP67 enclosure
    -Supports 1-6 cylinders sequentially. Can control up to 12 cylinders.
    -Max 16000rpm
    -Injection time resolution is 16us
    -The ignition resolution is 0.5 °
    -Nail detection 1-20 kHz
    -Speed ​​Density, Alpha- The N-algorithm
    -VE table is 16x20 squares, the resolution is 0.1% VE
    -The ignition table is 16x20 squares, the resolution is 0.5 °
    -AFR table is 16x20 squares, the resolution is 0.1 AFR
    -Very advanced fuel algorithm based on actual volumetric efficiency
    -Fully calibrated ignition coil / ignition coil time
    -Fully calibrated IAT, CLT & lt; br / & gt; -PID idle control strategy
    -Cheap pressure control
    -Nitro control
    -Aux outputs for fuel pumps, fans etc.
    -Fully adjustable settings for start control, shift light, flat shift (shift) and much more.
    -Advanced logging of over 100 parameters with a resolution of 25Hz
    -Safety functions to ensure motor functionality.
    -USB communication directly to the computer
    -User-friendly software with free firmware upgrade