Engine Magement Unit

After years of development and testen the EMU PRO is now available. We made 2 version: EMU PRO 8 en de EMU PRO 16

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EMU Series

Engine Management Unit

The most advanced freely programmable motor management systems on the market yet affordable. Injection, ignition, adjustable camshafts, boost, knock, sports functions, maximum security and much more.

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ADU series

Advanced Display Unit

We are proud to announce the Ecumaster Advance Display Series. We designed the ADU5 and ADU7 because there was a high demand for a cost-effective dashboard display with logging capabilities

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PMU Series 

Power Management Unit

With the PMU power management unit (PDM), old-fashioned relays and fuses are a thing of the past. The PMU provides the complete power supply and is fully programmable. Controlling lighting, fuel pump, fan, windshield wiper, etc. is much easier with the PMU. The possibilities are endless.

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