About Ecu Master

Ecumaster was founded in 2009 and is the fastest growing motorsport electronics manufacturer in the tuning and motorsport market. Our products are successfully used in various branches of motorsport such as drifting, drag, rally and circuit racing. Our extensive dealer network covers all European countries, but also the US, Australia and Asia. To guarantee high quality, all products are developed, produced and checked in-house.

About us

Engine Management serie (EMU)

The EMU is a compact stand-alone engine management system, capable of controlling up to 12 cylinders. The EMU controls fuel, ignition, turbo, adjustable camshafts such as VVT and Vanos. There are numerous engine protection options to ensure that the engine functions optimally and, above all, safely.

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Advanced Display Unit (ADU)

We hebben de ADU5 en ADU7 ontworpen in reactie op de vraag van de markt naar een kosteneffectief dash-display met logmogelijkheden. Ons specifieke doel was om een volledig aanpasbare, rijke functie, hoogwaardige oplossing te creëren voor competitieve coureurs. We hebben samengewerkt met professionele coureurs en race-ingenieurs en de ADU ontworpen om aan hun eisen te voldoen.

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Power Management Unit (PMU)

One of the main advantages of the PMU is its continuous current detection and self-healing functionality if the current exceeds the defined level. All output status, voltage and current information can be recorded and sent via CAN bus to dashboard displays to notify drivers of potential problems

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