Advanced Display Unit

We designed the ADU5 and ADU7 in response to market demand for a cost-effective dashboard display with logging capabilities. Our specific goal was to create a fully customizable, feature-rich, quality solution for competitive drivers. We consulted professional drivers and race/engineers and designed the ADU to exceed their requirements. Most importantly, the ADU is designed to display all critical information in an easy to read manner along with a comprehensive alarm display strategy. Our Advanced Display Units are available in 5' and 7' versions. Both versions feature high-resolution, high-visibility anti-glare screens that guarantee perfect visibility in all lighting conditions. The ADU comes with multiple pre-configured pages, which can be customized by the end user to display the data required at each race stage (e.g. practice, qualifying, race, troubleshooting, etc.) can be easily changed in real time with user-friendly Windows based software. Our comprehensive overlay system allows for multi-page display of key data (e.g. low oil pressure, best lap, etc.) independent of the actual page displayed. The ADU is also equipped with 15 ultra-bright RGB LEDs that can be used as an advanced gear-dependent shift light and can be customized with user-defined logic (for alarms, low fuel, etc.). Using IR beacons or a GPS system, the dashboard turns into a powerful lap timer with a predictive timing function.