EMU Black Rotary Engine

How to setup a rotary engine with the Ecumaster EMU Black
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EMU Black Rotary Engine
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How to setup a rotary engine using the Ecumaster EMU Black:

Some background information about a 2 rotor engine before we begin.
Rotary engines use 2 injectors and 2 spark plugs per rotor.
Each 360 degrees of crank revolution there are 2 complete engines strokes (4-stroke). So each rotor makes 1 complete cycle per 360 degrees. 4 complete strokes per 720 degrees, so you can compare this to a 4 cilinder engine, also making 4 complete strokes per 720 degrees crank revolution.

Trigger settings:
Stock 13B-REW trigger crank pattern is setup as:
Primary trigger: VR Sensor,multitooth, falling, numerber is cilinders 4!, num teeth 12, first trigger tooth 11, trigger angle 40 degrees.
Secondary trigger: VR sensor, trigger type 2 symnetrical teeth, Edge falling.

When using the stock coils: 
Leading ignition use 1 output only. igntion event 1, 2,3 and 4 use output for the leading coil
When using 2 seperate coils: 
Event 1, output eading front coil
Event 2, output leading rear coil
Event 3, output leading front coil
Event 4, output leading rear coil

For the trailing spark: 
Igntion -> Coils -> Ign. out. trailing: enable rotary support, Trailing coil 1: output rear trailing coil. Trailing coils 2: output rear trailing coil

Engine displacement 5200cc
2x Small injector Primary
2x Large injector Secondary
The front primary injector is set to event 2 and the rear primary injector is set to event 1.
The squirt twice per cycle need to be enabled as the rotary engine fire each 360 degrees per rotor.
The 2 large seconday injectors are done using the staged injection. Injector ouput # 1 to the front secondary injector and output #2 to the rear secondary injector
These 2 fire at a 180 degrees angle and twice per 720 degrees. So they are timed as it should.

the example map below uses the stock oil metering pump.
We always advice to use 2-stroke oil as well.

Example map: Download here

IGN output 1 (G8): Front Leading
IGN output 2 (G16): Rear Leading
IGN output 3 (G9): Front Trailing
IGN output 4 (B14): Rear Trailing

INJ output 1 (G7): Front Primary
INJ output 2 (G15): Rear Primary
INJ output 3 (G23): Front Secondary
INJ output 4 (G6): Rear Secondary

Basemap: 13B-REW Basemap (right click save as)